Central Ohio Diversity Consortium

We believe in the power of a culture of belonging.

Why a Culture of Belonging?

We believe in the power of a culture of belonging where everyone is recognized for their unique contributions, builds beneficial working relationships, supports their daily work and career development, and is proud of the organization’s values and purpose.

Employee Engagement

A culture of belonging contributes to higher engagement levels. According to a Gallup study on the benefits of employee engagement, organizations with high employee engagement experience 23% higher profitability.


A culture of belonging is diverse, inclusive, and psychologically safe. According to Great Place to Work’s Why Diverse and Inclusive Teams Are the Engines of Innovation, diverse teams create more unconventional ideas and are better at making innovation happen. Google’s Project Aristotle found that psychological safety was the most significant factor contributing to team success, increasing innovation and problem-solving.


A culture of belonging is diverse. According to Great Place to Work’s Why Diverse and Inclusive Teams Are the Engines of Innovation, racially diverse workplaces show higher revenue growth than their less diverse counterparts. 

Well-Being and Mental Health

A culture of belonging promotes a positive work environment supporting employees’ mental health, increasing job satisfaction, and reducing burnout. A study by the American Psychological Association states that 81% of workers agree that how employers support mental health will be an important consideration when looking for future work. 

Customer Satisfaction

A strong correlation exists between engaged employees and satisfied customers. According to a Gallup study, highly engaged business units achieve a 10% difference in customer ratings and an 18% difference in sales. 

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