About Us

Our Mission & Vision

We believe in the power of a culture of belonging where everyone is recognized for their unique contributions, builds beneficial working relationships, supports their daily work and career development, and is proud of the organization’s values and purpose.


To collectively advance a culture of belonging in organizations throughout Central Ohio.


To be the “go-to” organization for creating a culture of belonging.

Our Values

  • We create inclusive and innovative spaces for amplifying diverse voices
  • We champion diversity of thought as a source of excellence
  • We advocate for mental health and well-being to drive organizational success
  • We contribute to building an inclusive and thriving culture
  • We promote inclusive excellence to advance systemic change

Our Call to Action


We invite people strategists to engage in collaborative problem-solving that collectively shapes cultures of belonging in Central Ohio workplaces.

Our Story

Over the Years

The CODC journey began in 2006 with Dave Sullivan and Priscilla Hammonds meeting at a table of change to connect, learn from each other, and expand their networks. Hunger for a fulfilling life for disenfranchised groups in their work spaces is what drew them together. Every time they met, they felt a strong conviction to invite a few more people to the table. As these people joined, they found a common ingredient: resources and knowledge transfer amongst professionals are needed to guide D&I Practitioners as they formulate and execute D&I strategies within their workplaces.

  • As companies such as L Brands and Ohio Health met them at the table and informal meetings began to become more formal, their focus evolved. They expanded their language from Affirmative Action (AA) and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) to Diversity & Inclusion. 
  • As their table grew with more passionate practitioners, CODC decided to take this growth a step further. They decided to look for companies that had D&I practitioners and/or staff and proactively reach out to them. Trust was the common ingredient that held everyone together.
  • Their pivotal moment came when they realized that other professionals within different industries faced similar challenges. Their responsibility for D&I took on a new meaning as they set out to understand what formalizing their organization would look like in order to disseminate information on a broader scale.
  • Growth of the organization brought with it a branding tune up and an increased  social media presence. These additions allowed CODC  to once again create more space for others. 
The Future and Beyond
  • Innovation is our blueprint. We take in stride the task of mapping out proactive solutions for what’s to come for our communities and our nation. We commit to remaining authentic, being strategic, and leading the charge to positively shifting what effective diversity, equity, and inclusion looks like in organizations.